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We dedicated to providing a platform for wine lovers to select the great wines from here.

Accordance to different needs of the customer, our site now has a collection of over 300 items including wines of half-bottle and full-bottle size, different types of accessories from around the world. We also provide a tailor-made wine package, all at your choice.  All are picked by our professional team and most items are imported directly, in order to achieve the lowest price to everyone.

Our shop located in Fotan district.  There has car parking nearby our shop. It is a convenience and carefree for all of wine lovers shop and tasting wines here.

 All wines are kept in the temperature controlled environment to ensure good quality. All procedures are using the professional refrigerated container for transportation, in order to achieve seamless and perfect treatment.


Wine is a delicate, lively thing. It gets"bottle shock" when it is pumped from tank or barrel into a wine bottle. It doesn't particularly like travelling - indeed some experts argue that a bottle should be rested for three weeks after being on a plane. Most wine travels the world in refrigerated containers, but these should never be too cold or, conversely, sit around in the sun. Once the wine has arrived safely at the door, it is then the turn of the consumer to store the wine correctly. 


We regarded “Your satisfaction is my motivation”, as our goal. In order to build a long-term relationship with customers, we committed to constantly improving our site to make your wine drinking more enjoyable. 


Thank you for your interest in our site.